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Good Good Golf is a well-known American golf group. This social media golf group consists of six members who create golf content for social media and YouTube. Recently I opened their YouTube channel and found that the channel has gained over a million subscribers.

Do you know why this group was named Good Good? According to Golf Compendium, “Good-good” in golf is like an agreement between two players where they both decide to count their putts as successful without actually trying to make them, so they can move on without putting.

In this article, we will discuss all Good Good Golf’s Wikipedia, Members, Wife, Parents, Height, Age, Career, Nationality, Birthday, Zodiac sign, Net Worth, And Ethnicity. I have researched well before writing this article. Scroll down to know more information about this American golfer group.

Who Are Good Good Golf Members?

Good Good Golf Members.
Goodgood Golfers
NameYouTube Channel
Garrett Clark@GMGolf YouTube
Grant Horvat@Grant Horvat YouTube
Tom ‘Bubbie’ Broders@Tom Broders
Micah ‘Tig’ Morris@Micah Morris
Stephen Castaneda@Stephen Castaneda YouTube
Matt Scharff@Matt Scharff YouTube

Good Good Golf Members Age, Birthplace, Nationality, Zodiac Sign, Ethnicity, Religion

As per some media reports, Good Good Golf owner was born to his American parents on 8 April 2000 in Kansas, USA. He is 23 years old as of 2023. He is an American citizen and his ethnicity is white. Goodgood owner follows Christianity and his zodiac sign is Aries. After scrolling through group’s social media accounts, I came to know that Matt Kendrick is the owner of Good Good Golf.

Good Good Golf Owner.
Good Good Golfer

Education Qualification

When I researched on the life of members of this Golf Group , I came to know that they completed their education from different private schools in USA. The owner of the golf group completed his high school education from Christ Prep Academy.

Career And Background

Garrett came up with the idea for Good Good Golf when he was in school. Last year in 2021, he appeared in a podcast where Garrett talked about how it all began. He loved making golf videos since he was 9, doing trick shots and filming them.

Around 2018-2019, Garrett decided to start a YouTube channel regarding golf. He started filming his college events. He said in the podcast that his teammates used to tease him, but he kept doing it because he enjoyed it and wanted to do it full-time.

As per an interview of the Garrett, he knew Micah and Steve from childhood; they’re cousins and close family friends. They all built a golf course together. Reports suggest that Bubbie and Grant joined later, making them the newest members.

Good Good Golf’s YouTube channel started in July 2020 and the first video is about their new house. They’ve been posting videos three times a week since then—every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Also read about Gianna Clemente Golfer.

On September 6, 2022, Rick Shiels dropped a podcast on his YouTube channel, The Rick Shiels Golf Show, with his buddy Guy Charnock. They were commented on the Good Good Members’ golf skills, one by one.

When I watched that podcast, i felt that Rick and Guy were pretty impressed with Garrett. They thought he had that fearless, young Rick Shiels vibe. A real power hitter with a killer long game – his skills were off the charts. Rick even mentioned Garrett could pull off some crazy rounds, maybe even shoot a million!

Now, onto Grant – according to them, he was the Mr. Consistent of the group. Rick figured Grant could easily shoot around par, maybe even a bit under or just a smidge over, in pretty much every round he played.

Micah, on the other hand, got some high praise from Rick. They thought he had the best all-around game. In Rick’s words, someone like Micah could go as low as nine under par.

Rick and Guy had a chat about Bubbie, and they were impressed by his long shots. They didn’t think he’d consistently shoot 5 or 6 under par, but they figured he could hold his own as a five handicapper.

When it came to Matt, Rick and Guy thought he was a solid player and gave him a four handicap. As for Steve, they mentioned he had some game too, and they reckoned he was probably playing off a five handicap. These guys really know their golf!

Garrett Clark
Garrett Clark

Height, Weight And Physical Status

Garrett Clarkht. 6′ 1″; wt. 70 kg
Grant Horvatht. 5′ 8″; wt. 72 kg
Tom ‘Bubbie’ Brodersht. 5′ 10″; wt. 78 kg
Micah ‘Tig’ Morrisht. 6′ 2″; wt. 76 kg
Stephen Castanedaht. 5′ 9″; wt. 79 kg
Matt Scharffht. 6′; wt. 80 kg

Talking about their physical stats then all the members have brown hair and brown eyes. They follow perfect diet for themselves. Some of them have tattoos on their arms. Their shoe size ranges from 7-10 US.

Garrett Clark Family

Garrett is a TikTok star, YouTuber, Golfer, Instagram celebrity, and Social media star from Kansas, United States. He belongs to a financially well and reputed Christian family in the United States. His parents come from a White ethnic background and they hold the citizenship of America. Garrett’s mother’s name is Tamara Clark and father’s name is Jerry Clark.

Let me inform you that Clark also has has an elder brother and a nephew. However, he has not disclosed their names. Goodgood golfer is also share a close bonding with his cousin Micah Morris.

Garrett Clark in hoodie.
Garrett Clark Family

Garrett Clark Realtionship status And Girlfriend

Garrett, according to his Instagram, he is currently unmarried. However, the goodgood golfer got engaged to his long-time girlfriend Maddie Henderson in August 2022. She is a Tiktok content creator and she has over four million followers. She shares a variety of content such as lifestyle, skits, and dance videos.

Good Good Golf Net Worth

Good Good Golf is a well-known American golf group. The group is composed of six members. GG golf group makes money through showing ads on YouTube videos. As per the reports, their videos pull in 10-15 million views per month. According to our estimates, the group generate around $70,000-$80,000 USD each month only through YouTube ads.

Apart from this they also earn extra income through their merchandise. I found golf accessories, polos, hats, t-shirts, q zips, etc on their merchandise website. They are quite popular online, so they could easily achieved thousand dollars sales each month. As per some celebrity net worth websites, their net worth is approx $15-17 million USD.


Q. What is Good Good Golf?

Ans. Good Good Golf is a American golf group based on YouTube with over 1.3 million subscribers which consists of six members.

Q. Who are Good Good Golf members?

Ans. Garrett Clark, Colin Ross, Stephen Castaneda, Matt Scharff, Bubbie, and Luke Kwon.

Q. How old are Good Good Golf members?

Ans. As per the various sources the age of GG golf members are Garrett (23), Colin (27), Stephen (24), Matt (24), Bubbie (26), and Kwon (31).

Q. How much is Good Good Golf worth?

Ans. Around $15-$17 million USD.


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